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Welcome to Design Quest

We use Pimcore to develop websites and enterprise systems to our clients.

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Attention to detail

Attention to detail

“Aesthetic” has never been a minor issue, but a prerequisite for a successful product.
Whether it is a single pixel, or a 0.01 second program delay, our belief in "attention to detail" always drives our work to be free from the tiniest issues and be delivered in a harmonious combination of beauty and functionality.

hard work

We like “challenging work”

We are a small team, but flexible enough to actualize our clients’ challenging ideas, one after another. We work together to deliver websites, mobile applications or online services, better than you can imagine. Challenges make us grow and proud of what we have produced.

share idea

We like to share ideas

We are not simply designers or programmers.
We believe excellent work is the outcome of creativity and collaboration. That is why we like to share ideas and resources with clients to help us grow together.

standardized technologies

We use standardized technologies

Our websites are built with industry-leading web development technologies like Symfony, ExtJS, Angular and Bootstrap. This makes our work easier to be maintained and expanded, either by us or any other developer. Clients are also better off.


Powerful and user friendly CMS (Content Management System)

Our CMS is powerful and easy to use.
Every project is unique. Using Pimcore as the basis, we tailor-make the CMS of each website to meet client's business needs. Pimcore provides us functionalities and stability, while we provide you an easy to use CMS which perfectly suits your needs.

16 years experience

16 years experience

16 years ago, when the Internet was becoming popular, Michael Chau established Design Quest. During the early days, Design Quest learned from mistakes to design better products for enterprises, and to master the keys to ensure success of different kinds of projects. We are now confident in providing useful advice from the outset of a project based on our experiences.
We have just begun, and will always look into the future, exploring new and innovative technologies, to deliver better design and efficiency.

Design Quest Office

Our studio is an environment
where people feel comfortable
expressing their ideas.

Less is more

In the world of Internet, good products are not necessarily created by big organizations with hundreds or thousands of people. Why do MNCs and 4As advertising agencies seek for our services?

Knowing that we are small but flexible, we always strive for delivering something better than we are capable of.
Our designers focus on combining creativity and technology, while programmers validate the effectiveness of designers' innovative ideas. Our experienced account manager will ensure effective communication of client's feedback to each of the team members.
Rather than being merely a production unit, we share the same goal with our clients - to do our best in designing and producing excellent products.






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